Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Low Budget ideas (2)

Low Budget ideas (2)

The second low budget video i analysed was Imogen Heap- A-ha.
The video starts off in black and white with the silhouette of a girl crouching down in what seems to be a forest. The way that this is shot makes the girl seem very animalistic, which straight away gives the music a mysterious feel. The fact that it's shot in black and white creates a dark, creepy and sinister atmosphere from the very outset of the video. This does not seem very conventional of a music video, as there is no colour, 
Shortly after, we are shown an extreme close up of half of the girl's face, with her eye bright open and her pupil dilated. This gives the impression that she is feeling fear. Again, there is no colour, just black and white, which maintains the mystery and sinister tone of the video. The girl is staring directly into the camera, which makes the audience feel edgy and uneasy.

The next scene shows presumably the same girl with her hands tied together, symbolising that she is being restrained by someone. This suggests that she needs to be held captive for some reason, yet creating more mystery and suspense. Also, what's more noticeable is that colour has been introduced to the video, but still with a black background. This stands out to the audience, signifying that there is an element of importance to the specific scene. 
Here is another extreme close-up of the girl's face. However, this time only her mouth is being shown. What's weird about this image is that her skin is still colourless but her lips are an abnormally bright red colour. This again is mysterious and also arguably unconventional of a music video, as they are usually fully in colour or shot in black,white and grey.
However, what is conventional is that there is a performance element to the video. For example, there are various shots of the girls dancing (shot in colour this time) as well as black and white shots of a pair of hands (again with bright red nails) playing the piano. This means that the artist is at least appearing in the video. Overall, whilst there are a few conventions of a music video being shown throughout the video, many of the shots and the actual content of the video are unconventional. However, the music video is very intriguing yet entertaining at the same time, meaning it is in the end a good example of a low budget music video.

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