Sunday, 8 September 2013

Analysis of a Rock Video (2)

Analysis of a rock video (2)

The second rock song I chose to analyse was The White Stripes- Seven Nation Army, as it is arguably one of the most recognized rock songs.
The music video starts like this, and as soon as the video starts, the song starts. The song plays throughout the entire video, as the song is the soundtrack to the music video. This is one of the conventions of a music video.
Another convention present is the presence of the band throughout the whole video. As well as this, the band members play their respective instruments throughout the entirety of the song. The singer can be seen lip-syncing a few times throughout the video too. This has all been done to show that the focus of the video is the band.
However, there is essentially no other conventions of a music video throughout the rest of the song. The entire video is shot using diamond shapes getting closer and closer (as seen from the Tubechop below)
The whole video is shot like this, meaning that there is no location change, costume change, and certainly no narrative or concept present in the video. Therefore, I would argue that this video is not a very conventional rock music video.

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