Sunday, 8 September 2013

Analysis of Pop video (2)

Analysis of Pop video (2)
The second pop video i analysed was Britney Spears - baby One More Time. the reason for this is that it is very stereoypical of the pop genre, and the music video to the song has many conventions of a music video in it.

Immediately here, the artist has appeared in the video, to show that is is their song. Also, the setting instantly informs the viewer that their is some kind of narrative throughout the video (being school kids). Also, this is a close-up, letting you know that she is the main subject in this video. 
here, the artist is appearing again, this time lip syncing along to the song. This shot is another close-up, which has been used to try and make the artist look seductive. Again, the concept of the video is displayed here, being high school kids having fun when the teachers aren't around. Also, there is a location change here.
here, you can see that the artist is performing in the video, both with singing and dancing. Also, a mid-shot has been used to show the performance part of the video. As well as this, the performance sections have been intercut with the narrative parts of the song. Again, there is a location change. Also, the editing of this shot cut to the beat, making the editing flow with the song.
Here, you can clearly see both the location change, as well as the costume change to match the new location. Again, the artist is both dancing and lip-syncing along to the lyrics of the song. A mid/long shot has been used again to show the performance throughout the video.
Although not noticeable through just screengrabs, other conventions of this music video include the song being the soundtrack to the whole video, at least three locations and costume changes, and the use of slow-motion editing at one point to create a majestic, sexy feel to the video. Overall, it can be validly argued that this music video is a very conventional music video.

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