Thursday, 5 September 2013

Conventions of a music video

Conventions of a music video: 
  1. Artist appearing in the video 
  2. the song will be the soundtrack to the whole video, it will start and end when the music starts and ends
  3. artist will usually lip synch along with the lyrics
  4. the artist will perform throughout the video, either dancing, playing instruments or gesturing
  5. the video will usually have 3 or more different locations, which may change with each verse/chorus
  6. the costumes will match the locations and will often change when they change
  7. there will usually be sections of the video that are filmed in a studio, most often the performance parts
  8. the video will usually contain some kind of narrative, often intercut with performance shots
  9. the video will contain a range of camera movements to create a dynamic look (energy) most often tracks, cranes and whip pans 
  10. the video will use mostly close ups for the lip synch , mid/long shots for performance and extreme close ups for cutaways
  11. the video may often use high angles to create a vulnerable or sexy look, or low angles to create a dominant or powerful look
  12. there will be a wide range of different shot types/angles in each location to allow for dynamic and non-repetitive editing
  13. the editing will cut to the beat, and will be montage editing
  14. quite often a slow motion effect is used to create a sexy or slick feel
  15. the video will be based around a concept rather than a story

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