Monday, 9 September 2013

Low Budget ideas (1)

Low Budget Ideas (1)

To gain a better understanding of how we can make an effective music video without spending a hefty sum of money on products, I decided to watch an example of a low budget music video made by other A level students. This one was called The Fix- Just got Paid. 
Firstly, this music video  uses many of the typical conventions found in a pop music video. As you can see, video starts with the band in a studio with only lights at the back illuminating them. This means that already the artists are being introduced, thus meaning already one of the conventions is being followed. Also, as soon as the lights come on, the song starts, meaning the song is the soundtrack to the whole video. As well as this, once the lights are up, the boys do a few dance moves whilst harmonizing. This shows the performance from the band members. 
As you can see from these two shorts, the music video quickly individually introduces the band members, whilst slightly adding a concept to the video; the concept seeming to be the boys dressing up smart to go out, possibly because they just got paid- which would be an effective link to the song. After introducing the members individually, there is a shot of them all together. Also, what's noticeable here is that they are all wearing a different attire than they were when the lights were coming on at the start. This shows that they have thought about changing the costume to fit the location when they change that too. 

Again, the costume and location change is evident here. However, what becomes more apparent here is the guy (presumably the 'lead' singer) is lip-syncing along to the song here. As you can see from the first image of him, they have used a close-up of the boy to show him lip-syncing the words. This is then followed up by a mid-shot. 
This is a shot from the closing moments of the video. As you can see from all of the images, a lot of different camera shots and angles have been used. This creates a slick, flowing music video that stays entertaining to watch. Also, again here you can see the performance side of the video, where the boys are all dancing in time to one another. Overall, I think that this shows many conventions of an actual real pop music video. Therefore, I believe that this is a very good example of a low budget music video.

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